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Dlouha 1242
25301 Hostivice
Praha - zapad
The name is exotic but cavaliers of Perle du Sahel do live in middle of Europe in Czech republic very close to
Prague - it's capital. Czech republic is well known for it's great beers, especially Pilsner Urquell.
Many historical places preserve for centuries as for example Prague's castle well known by tourists coming from
all parts of world....

Name of the kennel was found quite far from these places....at warm country of Northern Africa, on coast and
warm waters of Mediterranean Sea.... Perle du Sahel is another name for city Sousse in Tunisia laying on never
ending beaches full of warm send. Because we're citizens of colder central Europe we love to get some reheat and
"recharge the batteries". The name should warm you up by only imagine the places it reminds...your air should
smell the aroma of flower Jasmine that is so typical for all Mediterranean countries.
Cavaliers are my companions since 1998 when new family member arrived - ruby girl Ciara z Kralovske farmy.
Very soon after I was tempted to get to the show rings and so I brought to my home a hopeful black and tan
female Agnes z Buskova hradu. Cavaliers stole my heart rather fast as it goes in this breed and soon after more
show prospects moved into our house. For those I drove and flew far, crossed the borders ....first to Germany
and than more far - to France and to United Kingdom. Now there are few cavaliers here with me, some are
home bred and some are imports from France and few of course from original land of cavaliers England.
Perle du Sahel

Mlada Boleslav
Central Bohemia

tel.č. (00420) 774 346 412

calling from America 420-774-346-412 we are at GMT+1
Visitors are welcome to our house after previous contact by email or a phone call.

Visitors are not allowed to get in touch with newborn puppies before they're vaccinated.

When you call pls make sure u realized what time zone you're calling into, we are GMT+1. My phone is mainly on
from 10am to 10pm but I may be inaccessible few days when I am abroad for a show or breeding.
An email contact might be most easy way to get in touch with me and to get infos about my dogs and puppies.
I am sorry if I am not able to answer every email right away but I also have my kids and dogs to take care of so
pls be patient and write back again later if you feel like Your email may get lost.

thanks for taking your time reading about me and my dogs
Alexandra and the family
An Update !

in case of emergency, if you are not getting an answer for too long
on your email sent to address above, and it sounds like I am out for
long time or abroad for a show, you may send an email to my
alternate email address
goes into my cell/mobile phone