Available / for sale
pls let know if interested in a show prospect
send and email and book well at advance, mainly for
girls we are quite often fully booked.....
Can ship worldwide to prooved loving homes only. We do ship via Lufthansa cargo that cares excellent of our dogs. All our cavs arriving
happy and sound to their new homes. My dogs are not shipped sooner than 10-12weeks of their age.
You will be asked many questions if you interested to buy a puppy from me, I want to make sure it not ended up in a puppy mill or a pet
store.....The highest interest is on loving and forever home for each puppy doesn't matter if show prospect or pet.
Feel free to ask more question about me and my dogs by email.
send an email to book a puppy from upcoming litters both pet or show q.

we do ship all world but only to aprooved homes
Here you can see activity calendar of the kennel, planned shows, past shows,
leaving to abroad and actual mattings, expected whelpings and whelping dates.
This calendary is more up to date than details on the web pages:
Updated Nov 26 2007
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Perle du Sahel - PdS

You better ask for
permission before
copy down some.
if you interested write an email with more informations about yourself,
make sure it is not a problem you'll be questioned and I want to keep lifetime touch with each of
my pup wherever it is sold.
I ship overseas but I do check each new home carefully.
BT puppy boy for sale to pet home, 8wks of age
(no shows no breeding)
BT boy 1y of age
avail to show home
out of French Rose ex Volpone
To get more info about avail puppies and dogs you should write an email with more informations about yourself and
what exactly you're looking for.
You'll be questioned if interested to buy a cavalier from PDS
TRI boy 1y of age
avail to pet home for little price
no shows no breeding