Our House - Our Home
Welcome to my house!!
I am going to show You where my dogs are staying and what they dinning.......
We're living in Hostivice,village just 1km from border of Prague Capital of Czech republic. In nice silent street at the end of the
village with lovely view......
My dogs are staying inside the house enjoying freedom, beeing everywhere
You look. They love to go with me everywhere I go so while having "tail of
cavaliers" all day in my back I am trying to clean after them......
Kitchen/dinnig corner, originaly made for people....
At night are my darlings sleeping in spacy show cages, friends with friends for their comfort. They're
feeded there evenings and mornings too to ensure all of them eat their part of the bowl......
Adults are feeded by
Satisfaction Performance, puppies till 1y age by Satisfaction Junior Medium
sized, my Seniors eating
Satisfaction light.
All of them enjoy adds sometimes like are smoked sardines, frech chicken meat, rare minced beef
meat, bred, bisquits, cheese and all kind of fruits and vegetables....
They all live free around all the house, enjoying their time with plenty of doggy toys
which are spread around all house and garden most of the day...You can imagine.
When nice weather allows, door to terrace and garden are open all day long making
playing space much larger and funny. Living room is reconstructed as a large "play
room" for my cavaliers for rainy days......
To add fun and more "Nature" to the house we have
some parrots on top of aquarium with 200liters of
water and number of fishes inside....saying watching
aqarium with green and fishes gives ZEN so I hope
my cavies have it enough....
For my own ZEN I have to "run off" and close myself in my daughter's room where I enjoy to
watch into green out of this window, hope You like it too.
postcards of city hostivice - our address - 1kilometer from border of capital prague
Summer 2005