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Welcome to Perle du Sahel -  home of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 1998.

I am a home breeder and show handler of Cavaliers.  My dogs are not kenneled and all of them are living free
with me in my house. On these web pages you will find information on each dog belonging to me, including
those who are now retired or co-owned and living with other families.
Cavaliers are family dogs by all meanings. They are affectionate and friendly, able to give so
much of their love unconditionally; you will never be sure if you can absorb it all or ever return it.  
This is why I love all my dogs and they are treated like my proper babies.
I hope you will enjoy the time spent on my web site and will share at least a part of my obsession with this
breed once you are finished.  
You are WELCOME   !!           Alexandra
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Welcome on board captain Nemo!!!
ruby dog "Nemo Sladka krasa" dob Sept 1st 2007
out of
UK.ch.Harana Starman ex Fridolina Sladka krasa