Caffe Freddo Perle du Sahel
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Tiger Moth of Woodville (FR)
Loranka's Starlite (UK)
Ruby ex Ruby
april 20 2006
Born 06 08 2006
Crystal Perle du Sahel
Loranka's Starlite (UK)
black&tan ex Ruby
June 2006
Born Nov 22 2006
Trophy Star de la Fieffe au songeur
Alexander the Great de l'A.
tricolor ex Tricolor
DOB July 26 2007
Venezia of Woodville (FR)
Nevaeh PDS
ruby ex black and tan
DOB May 2 2007
ch.Tendre Margot de Castleburry
ch.Toraylac Zig Ziglar (UK)
our recent plans

Tiger Moth of Woodville (FR)
Raccoon Man of Fairytale castle (DE)
ruby ex black and tan
september  2007

Allee de delices de l'Angelarde (fr)
Lanola Montlucon (UK)
blenheim ex blenheim
expected september  2007

We hope to breed
Amantra Ivory to LAnola MOntlucon
later this Autumn
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born aug 12 2006
Soreen de Prettylburry (FR)
Alexander the Great de l'A. (FR)
tricolor ex blenheim
August 2006
Born 06 06 2006
French Kiss Perle du Sahel
Clopsville Jack Daniels (UK)
ruby ex Black and tan
June 2006
born sept.1 2006
Uptown girl of Woodville (FR)
Raccoon Man of Fairytale castle (de)
ruby ex black&tan
Tendre Margot de C..burry (FR)
To The Top de la Fieffe au Songeur (FR)
blenheim ex tricolor
april 27 2006
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Born Sept 3 2006
Smooth Operator of Woodville (FR)
Vlad tepes de l'Angelarde (FR)
Blenheim ex blenheim